Install Zabbix-Proxy on Raspberry Pi OS (RPi) in 10 minutes!

how to install zabbix proxy on raspberry pi

In this tutorial, we will learn step-by-step how to install, optimize and configure Zabbix Proxy 6.0 LTS or 6.4 standard release on Raspberry Pi (Rasbian). Zabbix proxy is a service that can collect performance and availability data from the end devices on behalf of the Zabbix server. You can use Zabbix proxy to monitor remote locations behind the … Read more

Raspberry Pi SNMP monitoring: Install & enable Agent (server)

In this tutorial, we will learn all that there is about Raspberry Pi SNMP Monitoring. I will show you step by step how to install, configure and enable an SNMP agent (server) on Raspberry Pi. And how to extend the capabilities of the SNMP agent so that you can monitor new parameters like the temperature … Read more

How to Install Zabbix 6.0 / 6.4 on Raspberry Pi [Step-by-Step]

how to install zabbix monitoring system (server) on raspberry pi

Believe it or not, Zabbix 6 on Raspberry Pi can monitor up to 400 devices gathering 125 metrics every 5 minutes from each device (around 100 values per second)! I have tested this on Raspberry Pi 3 B+ and later on the Raspberry Pi 4 version. You can use any SD card with 16G if you are … Read more