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Online MIB Browser @ is the biggest SNMP MIB database with 13042 valid MIB files available freely for viewing with user-friendly online SNMP object navigator.

You don't need any MIB to OID converter because for every MIB you can view SNMP OID list in the form of a MIB tree. MIB tree contains object name, object ID (OID), object data type, type of permission (maxaccess), and description for every MIB object.

Download any MIB in format of your choosing (.mib, .csv, .json, .yaml) or perform MIB, Object, or SNMP OID lookup with "match any" or "match exact" option.

And lastly, if you need help with understanding how SNMP works (MIBs, OIDs, Agents ..) please check this step-by-step guide.


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Most Viewed SNMP MIB's on MIB database at Online MIB Browser

MIBEnterprise NameTop Level OID's
Standardinterfaces (, ifMIB (
Standardsystem (, snmp (, ...
Standardmib_2 (
Lannet CompanypropLane (
Cisco SystemsciscoGatewayServer (, ...
Cisco SystemsciscoEntitySensorMIB (
Castle Rock ComputingcastleRock (
StandardupsMIB (
StandardentityMIB (
Standarddot1dBridge (
MikroTikmikrotik (
Juniper Networks, Inc.jnxBoxAnatomy (
Cisco SystemscucsImgsecObjects (
CacheFlow Inc.bluecoatSGProxyMIB (
Standardhost (
Cisco SystemsciscoEnvMonMIB (
Cisco SystemsciscoLptsMIB (
Cisco Merakimeraki (
Standardprintmib (
Cisco SystemsciscoCvpMIB (
IBMlldpMIB (1.0.8802.1.1.2)
Check Point checkpoint (
Extreme NetworksextremeSnmpv3 (
Cisco SystemsciscoVtpMIB (
Cisco SystemsciscoFlashMIB (
U.C. Davisucdavis (